Sim Card not working while roaming

  • 29 December 2022
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Hi - I have a B.Free Sim Card with the B.Free M tariff, which should allow me to use the sim card in the EU+, which includes Switzerland. I am in Switzerland now, however, and I cannot make basic calls or access mobile data. I have roaming turned on and I can see that I still have plenty of credit in my MeinA1 account, plus I can see that I have good LTE service via the Swisscom network. The internet just is going too slow to provide a connection. I also tried to put the SIM card into another phone to see if it was my phone’s problem, but had the same issue there. I’ve been passed around the different A1 help numbers multiple times with no help, because the B.Free line isn’t prepared to help with technical issues but the technical service number isn’t familiar with B.Free cards. Can anyone help??


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Hi @bethany_costello7 

Switzerland isn't part of the EU Roaming.

The B.Free M plan only includes calls and texts from Austria to Switzerland (100 minutes and 100 SMS from Austria to EU Roaming counties and Switzerland).

You can use your B.Free plan in Switzerland but at high pay per use pricing:

  • Outgoing calls: 2.49€/min
  • Incoming calls: 1.49€/min
  • Outgoing and incoming SMS: 0.99€/SMS
  • Data: 1.49€/100 KiloByte

Or you can get one of the following add-ons:

  • B.Free Roaming Woche with 100 mins, 100 SMS and 100 MB for 14.90€ for one week
  • B.Free Roaming Datenwoche L with 1GB of Data for 17.90€ for one week

Details on Roaming can be found in this document (from chapter 9 at page 8 ).

On the B.Free M plan you should currently have 1GB of Data usable only within Austria (will be used first) and then 17GB of EU+ Data usable in Austria or while Roaming in EU Roaming counties.


Thank you - I wish one of the A1 service numbers could’ve told me that and saved a lot of my time!