Already paid € 20 but credit is still 0! (English)

  • 15 August 2020
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I’ve paid €20 a while ago with my debit master card for the prepaid sim card. That was for “Komfortaufladung.” I’ve set the condition “Ab einem festgelegten Mindestbetrag” which will top up €20 automatically when the credit would be €10. As I proceeded the next step, €20 was extracted immediately from my account. 

HOWEVER, A1 web-site is still showing my credit as 0, and I can’t see my free units there. (I’ve bought €9.9 starter pack and paid registration fee of €10 to the A1 staff at the A1 shop. As far as I’ve checked, my tariff was for 4GB/1000min/1000SMS.) Also, I can’t see my “Komfortaufladung” setting condition from anywhere.

I’m worrying if I’ve just lost my €20 and the amount will be extracted from my account continuously with no reason..

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Hello @dawachang ;


Welcome to the A1 Community :-)


Unfortunately, our A1 community is not the right channel to answer your question. In our A1 community, the "customer helps customer" idea is in the foreground. However, your request relates to your personal customer data and cannot be answered here for data protection reasons. Please contact one of our [url = / contact] service channels [/ url].


Thank you very much for your understanding!


BR, Babsi

Dear Babsi, nice to read from you. I have the same problem. Is there a general information available, which could be for anyone of help. THanks Walter