What are good values for my LTE reception?

  • 2 September 2020
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I’ve been using LTE/4G for a few years now and the speed of the connection has been going down over time.

I understand that the more users are hooked into the same LTE tower the less overall speed I am going to get, but even my connection quality seems to be affected now.

For the past few weeks I’ve been seeing worse upload speed when before I’ve usually always had great upload speed. It’s so bad at times that I drop down to like 0.2-0.5MB/s upload and sometimes the entire connection kind of shits itself and just has constant interrupts.


Is this just an issue of everyone sitting at home and watching Netflix/doing home office or is my reception playing a role in this too? The modem itself and the web page for my modem both say I have a “strong” reception with 2/3 bars, sometimes even 3/3 bars. Yet my connection seems rather terrible.

I’ve attached a picture of the LTE connection statistics. Can someone tell me if these are normal or rather terrible? I’ve looked online for answers regarding to RSRP and all other values and from what I've gathered is that they’re somewhat bad. But those posts I’ve seen where from other ISPs, some overseas. So they probably have different setups and their bad values might be good for A1’s net?


I’d just like to know what good signal strength and quality values are. Also would an external antenna (those smaller ones for 30~ Euro) help at all? I am just kind of sick of my experience. The modem I have is a hybrid modem, but the DSL is completely fucked and I am basically forced to only use 4G nowadays. I get extreme packet loss (or something akin to that) over DSL so I have to unplug it every time. The DSL wouldn’t add much speed to my connection, it’s only around 2.7mbit/s, but with a working DSL connection I wouldn’t need to worry about my 4G connection as much. The 4G connection then would only add some extra speed (between 5 and 30mbit/s) and give me better upload for larger files. The DSL’s own up/down speeds are enough for online-play without issues, but not when I get constant packet loss on it.


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