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New Bfree sim card - cannot activate it

Hi, I apologies but I do not speak german yet.
I have recently purchase a b free sim card and I have installed it in my phone. I have entered the pin provided.
I am now trying to add this number to my a1 account to be about to top up the phone online. but when I try to add the phone number to my a1 account I do not receive the activation text message.
Can you please help me out.

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Hello @nicolas.chareille
Have you already registered your SIM Card?
R, NerdTech
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Hello @nicolas.chareille and welcome to our A1 Community, as mentioned by @NerdTech, you need to register under https://www.a1.net/b-free-registrierung. You can also register your B.free card in every A1 Store, post office or Hartlauer in Austria. After you registered the card, you can use the included 5.000 free units (minutes, SMS and MB data in Austria). You can top up credit online under https://www.onlineaufladen.at/produkt/a1?lang=eng. When you have credit on your card, you can activate a tariff via SMS: B.free AT S: send "JA" to 3310 B.free AT L: send "JA" to 3320 B.free EU S: send"JA" to 4410 B.free EU L: send "JA" to 4420 BR Christopher