unlock 14 pro max sim lock

Hello 🤗 

I get iphone 14 pro max as gift from my brother in Austria .

But my brother don't know that iphone locked to A1 Telekom network .( iPhone Sim lock )

I need help to get working iphone 😞.

How to unlock? Can I pay fee to unlock ? Where ?

Can I pay from out of Austria?

Please answer me 🥺.


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SIM lock: How can I have my cell phone unlocked?You can have the A1 SIM lock removed in any A1 shop. Please take the invoice for your cell phone purchase with you.Unlocking costs:150.00 euros (125.00 euros excl. VAT) within 12 months from the date of purchase100.00 euros (83.33 euros excluding VAT) within 13 to 24 months from the date of purchase50.00 euros (41.67 euros excl. VAT) from the 24th month from the date of purchaseWithout an invoice we charge 150.00 euros (125.00 euros excl. VAT


within 12 months

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Hello, please contact us via

br Jürgen

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or via facebook and instagram

Why dont you alk your brother to do it for you?
Woultd be the esieast way.
Something seems to be wrong with your story ...

I am not in Austria now .

Can I pay from my country ?

Where to contact them ?

They have live AI chat channel .

And landline phone number on A1 web site 😔 

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He has to contact A1 to let them unlock it.
Without invoice you will have to pay much more.
Use one of the online contact possibilities if you cant visit an A1 shop.